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Some online-feedback after Superbooth 19:

- Gearnews
- Matrixsynth
- Synthanatomy
- Bonedo
- Spaceduck 1313
(Silhouette at 7:13)

If you have experience in audio-programming (C or C++ or ???) and if you want to join the SILHOUETTE-project please contact me!


thanks to

f r o m   v i s i o n   t o   s o u n d
by Pit Przygodda

Just finished Superbooth 19 :

Jan Giesecke presenting Silhouette at Superbooth 19.

Thanks, Danke, Merci, Gracias, all you nice interested people!!!!
I will start to do my homework after a few days rest.
I will even do some extra homework.
Hope to meet you on the further way of my beautiful synth!

Yes, this is Prototype # 2 today.
(more infos, sounds and fotos soon here)

Here is the current demo-video:
(english version):

>> german version __________________________________

Sounds of the week:




Some of the new features can be heard:
6-voice, seperate tuning and modulation, analog-filters (by Synth-DYI-expert Rene Schmitz ) , FX.
SILHOUETTE trains itself to become a really extraordinary sound-scape-machine!

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__________________________________ >>> There is a SILHOUETTE - feature on Gearnews!!! <<<
I guess, there is more to come the next days.... __________________________________


- Autumn 2019:
Performance at the "Kommunales Kino", Hannover with shadow-theatre.