S I L H O U E T T E eins

Production Diary by Pit Przygodda

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Chapter 11 - september 5th

A milestone:

The 3 cases are complete now:

Chapter 10 - september 2nd

The Etagère is nearly deserted:

…because the machines grow up and meet in the club to hang around…

.. and to have some fun!


That means: Case building!

For the journeys to the customers.

And one after another - the 3 Silhouettes -

make a try-on in their new caravans.


before the trip there are still some hard- and software details to be checked and to be worked on

in the next days.

Chapter 9 - july 25th

Many things happen now:

The laser printed sheet metal housings have arrived for 5 machines (here with protection cover).

The inlay buffers for the cases arrived, waiting for the cases to be mounted.


The brand plates for the cases have arrived.

The cardboard boxes for the delivery have arrived.


(see next page)

… the first machine´s hardware is roughly finished. It still needs some fine tuning of course.

And it is already running and sounding great! What a beautiful moment!

About the schedule:

Today it`s monday the 25th of July. On sunday (31st) I am leaving for a 2 week holiday.

Although things go very well at the moment I won`t bungle to get the machines on their journeys before sunday. I give them all the time to get them the best I can, of course.

But who knows? 4 or 5 days left…

Chapter 8 - july 19th

The assembly goes on.

Now the monitors are mounted to the chassis, the mechanism to fold it is also finished. Keyboards are mounted. Left: Audio interfaces are mounted, wood panels are mounted. I am waiting for the sheet metal housings. Next to happen: Insert computer, cables and all technical stuff.

The cases are special. They are more like a special “caravan” for a special instrument. I am very happy about it. The inside is more than only stuffing: it fits perfectly to the synth and has special trays for cables, camera, footswitch and dust cover.

The inside is designed and produced in cooperation with “Gust” company. They are located 4 km from my house.


case with synth and everything…

.. and without synth.

cable tray.

camera and footswitch mount.

Chapter 7 - june 13th - june 28th 2022

In fact the case construction and building takes much more time than expected.

I thought it was a good idea to do it myself because other case manufacturers are quite expensive and have a long delivery time for that special case. Now the first case is nearly finished, only the padding inside is not. I have learned a lot with it and it really feels good - the special Silhouette eins case. And: in the end: it is the case which will transport and guard the Synthesizer. They belong to each other. I did not see this close relationsship before.

Chapter 6 - june 2nd - june 13th 2022

Shipping day comes nearer! So the building of the cases has started.

Wood works for the side panels.

Here you can see the 3 Synths as skeletons in the workshop´s Etagere:


Sillhouette-Synthesizers is now on Instagram:


Chapter 5 - april 5th - may 25th 2022

The Superbooth Synth Fair Berlin always needs time - to prepare for, to stay there and to come down again afterwards. But it was - amazing!  (a typical word there). Silhouette found many new friends. I made two quite important interviews - Sound on Sound which was great):


.. and Sonicstate, which shows me a little too excited and therefor not on the spot:


…plus many many nice people visiting our booth. Uff, that was great!

Those youtube channels have many international visitors and so they brought new customers.

Jan Gieseke, an old friend of mine and of Silhouette, shows the magic of the lighttable.

I think, we had the best looking speakers. They were really good, reliable companions, especially in the bass segment.

Back home - Back to production! Here you can see me preparing a plexiglas pane for the controller. In fact the controller was a real eye catcher at Superbooth! Some people begged me to extract it and to make it an extra product as it could be useful for other software synths, e.g. Software synths used on an iPad.

And - at last! -  your 3 controllers cased in plexiglas, put in front of the monitors, where they will do their job.

Next step: Insert the Arduinos in the back of the monitors, connect them with the controllers and with the computers.

Chapter 4 - april 17th - may 4th 2022

It took quite a long time but now the first of the metall sheet housings has arrived. It is now made of strong 1 mm premium steel. The lettering is laser printed:

The PCBs have been fitted with the SMD and THT components…

…connected to the “Étagère” - (the controller rack)…

… and checked.

It´s again Superbooth synth fair time in Berlin! (12th - 15th may)

Last year I was there with “the last prototype” - this year I am inside the production process. I hope to get a lot of creative exchange and to enthuse many people with the Silhouette.

Superbooth 21: Interview with Synth-Anatomy

Chapter 3 - april 4th - april 16th 2022

Now all computers and monitors have arrived. And the PCBs arrived! Earlier than expected.

The planning of the metal housing went on and I hope to get them produced and labelled quickly within the next weeks. One of the customers had some ideas / wishes for the future of Silhouette. So I opened a “feature request base” here:


I have invited you to the document. Now you should be able to add something. I added the initials of the user and the customer who have already added something. Thank you!

6 PCB sets.

SMD components (resistors, capacitors and multiplexers) have been mounted.

The construction plan for the sheet metal housing has been finished and forwarded to the manufacturer. The layout for the labelling has been done and is waiting for realization.

Chapter 2 - week march 28th - april 3rd 2022

This week many parts arrived (not yet all but nearly all) so that you can get a first idea of what 3 Silhouettes in a row look like. Woodparts, electronics, cameras, lighttables, trackpads, computers, keyboards, footswitches, cables.

The attained computers were already connected with the keyboard and the camera and the Silhouette-Software has been installed. Conceptions of the sheet metal housing on the left and the labeling have been concretised with the manufacturers - maybe next week I can hold the new housing in my hands.

Bauhaus - my favorite hardware store!

Sanding the wood for the chassis…

… and paint them black.

Aaah! 3 Silhouettes at a very young stage.

But you can get a first idea of them!

Chapter 1 - week march 20th - march 27th 2022

The money of the 3 customers for the first short run has arrived!

So I order parts and parts and parts. And soon they arrive:

Thomann arrived first (of course).

… then Digikey and Reichelt.

So: ready for beginning!